New builds…4 types of inspections to consider

Buying a newly constructed home, may be a dream come true and a home inspection is one sure way to protect your investment while it’s being built and after.  It will allow you to hold your builder accountable as well as provide assurance that your home is being constructed correctly.

What types of inspections are available?

  • Footers and Foundation Inspection: This inspection would take place first once the foundation is poured and footers are in.
  • Pre-Dry Wall Inspection: This inspection occurs following the installation of framing, plumbing, and electrical rough-ins and just before placement of insulation and drywall.
  • Final Walk through Inspection: This inspection would take place before the builder completes their final walk through.
  • One Year Warranty Inspection: After living in your home for a year, it’s possible that some issues may arise. This type of inspection will document any problems within the home that involve plumbing, electric, structural concerns, windows, doors, etc.  It’s great to know the issues before your builder walks away.

For peace of mind, checking out these types of inspections is key.  Each provides a different type of documentation throughout the building process.  New communities and homes go up very quickly.  Hiring an inspector secures your investment and makes sure your builder is doing the job correctly. You won’t be sorry!

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