Wasps: A Late Summer Visitor

Nothing can spoil your time outside quicker than seeing a wasp. These unwelcome guests are attracted to sugary foods, which give them a quick boost of energy. To make matters worse, wasp activity hits its peak in late summer.

Although most wasp stings cause only mild discomfort, they sometimes result in severe allergic reactions that require immediate medical care―so what can you do if you see wasps on your property?

First, you need to find out whether it’s a solitary or social wasp. Social wasps are the real problem. They build nests and congregate in swarms. Once they form a nest, these feisty pests become territorial. That’s when problems can start!

Most wasps prefer to build their bulbous nests in protected, shaded areas, such as under eaves, porch roofs, decking, sheds, and steps. It’s also smart to check the seals around your home, including doors, windows, and dryer vents. These areas are great places for wasps to build nests. The hardest wasps to remove are those located within walls. It’s amazing how much damage nesting wasps can do on the inside of walls, and they’re very territorial and aggressive. If you hear concentrated buzzing sounds from within a wall or near these other protected areas, call a pest control company to remove these unwanted guests!

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