Washington DC’s Most Frequent Warning Signs Your Roofing Shingles are Leaky

Plenty of home buyers stress over the health of their roofing. Issues may be hard to identify and to patch. Utilize this list to spot the common symptoms of roof leaks.

Poor shingle installation

Hanging shingles, roofing substrate, and aluminum flashing around penetrations in your roof like pipes and chimney stacks is detail-oriented work. When the previous work was done ineffectively the first time, your home’s roof leaks might be the final result.

Missing shingle repair

You should repair roofing leaks due to destroyed, shattered, or sun-damaged shingles.

Weather damage

The Washington DC windstorms can best the best roofing shingles. You may hitness torn away shingles, and holes due to trees or other debris.

Hail punctures

Wind-blown hail can rip holes in your roofing. If you expect hail damage to your roofing shingles, have the damage checked over

Wind damage

When the wind hits top speed, your home roofing will suffer damage. You can patch your wind struck Washington DC roof, for a picture perfect roof!

Insurance paid damage and maintenance

You ought to collaborate with your household insurance provider to save you time. With our team at Donofrio & Associates Home Inspections, we’ve been in the DC neighborhood since 2001 providing Washington DC roof inspections! Our professionals have assisted many DMV customers maintain their houses – Just call us at 703-771-8374 if we can assist!

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