8 Ways to Get A Better Price Tag on Your Home Sale

There are a variety of different home improvement projects that you can contemplate when selling your Washington DC house, but only a small minority that can make any difference in your sale price. Any contractor with a good reputation will say that break-even remodels will help to raise your sale price.  Donofrio & Associates Home Inspections has partnered with residents across DMV since 2001, and we’d be thrilled to help you with the sale of your home! We know what it takes to perform your Centreville home inspection thoroughly so call today!

Continue reading to explore a few of the best home improvement tips to enhance the sale price of your home!

8 strategies to boost your home value quickly!

  1. Countertops are one of the most noticeable surfaces in your home, so be sure to have a sturdy, dependable material that complements your home’s aesthetic.
  2. Remodel important rooms like bathrooms and kitchens to be comfortable and inviting, without turning it into something indulgent and over-the-top.  Your ovall ROI for these rooms is only between sixty to eighty percent, so it’s recommended that you calculate that as part of your project budget. 
  3. DIY to a certain extent, but you should always call a trained contractor for work that could potentially result in home damage or bodily injury!
  4. Cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom are highly visible, but instead of replacing them, simply add a fresh coat of paint or reface them to avoid costly and labor-intensive improvements.
  5. Upgrade your kitchen and bath hardware to easily enhance value and attractiveness.
  6. In many cases, it’s smarter to spend money to make your property look great instead of simply upgrading something with a brand new version. Even a simplecoat of paint can be better than than a new appliance if the existing unit was reliably operable.
  7. Avoid investing a lot of time and resources into low return on investment renovations and it’s best to refrain from rooms with poor resale potential such as theater rooms, attics, and basements. Home additions are usually not worth the cost unless you plan to remain in residence for a while and enjoy the benefits long-term.
  8. Remember that the market will dictate the price tag, and make plans appropriately.  The estimated valuation of your home theatre or sewing room could differ from a buyer’s. 

Your Home Remodeling Experts at Donofrio & Associates Home Inspections

With a bounty of available projects to choose from, it can feel challenging to make a choice! Don’t stress—let our neighborhood Washington DC experts from Donofrio & Associates Home Inspections take care of your upcoming project! 

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