Your Ten Professional Tips to Ensure Your House is Ready to List

Want to be sure your house is ready to go on the market? Remember these ten tips from the pros at Donofrio & Associates, LLC.

Get enough lights. It is the perfect chance to efficiently light up your living space. A finely lit property seems cozier and worth a fantastic asking price.

Color the living spaces. Make sure your home feels cheery and comfortable with a new coat of paint. Neutral hues are the best choice, like white or gray. Each of these picks amplify brightness and makes a space appear bright and roomy.

Select a expert photographer. The house can close based on its first impression. A great photographer will zoom in on the top features of your dwelling.

Steam clean the carpeting. Dark spots and musty scents can drive away future home buyers. A speedy and affordable steam cleaning should solve the problem!

Get a cleaner. Pro housekeepers can provide you a spotlessly cleaned home and are very thrifty.

Reduce the jumble. A messy home looks less spacious than a tidy house, and families are shopping for expansive accomodation. Move or sort all newspapers, garments in hampers, and associated debris piled up.

Bring out an expert contractor. Should you sell the house, you will probably require a residential repair handyman. Finish each of the minor glitches prior to listing. Buyers are happy to pay higher for a picture perfect living area.

Spruce up the landscaping. Dead detritus, ugly edging, and blossoming dandelions suggests the wrong impression of your living space’s value. Shoot to mow the landscaping before potential buyers show up for house showings.

Ready the space. As odd as it may appear, you should make your home appeal to all styles.

Wash the kitchenette. You might wish to clean the fridge, freezer, and the garbage can. Food odors can disincentivize prospective buyers.

With Donofrio & Associates Home Inspections, we have been in the industry since 2001 and providing greater DMV and Fairfax, VA home inspection services! Our services have helped many DMV neighbors sell their homes – Just call our team at 703-771-8374 if we could offer support.

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